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Hi, there and thanx for coming to my website (blog) which is totally dedicated to my hobby and work. I followed a study for ‘multimedia production’ at the ‘Grafisch Lyceum’ in Amsterdam. But the first year i found out it wasn’t really what i wanted. Thats why i changed my study and began the study as a desktop publisher. Currently i work for an advertising agency in Amsterdam as a graphical designer/desktop publisher. Here i started working with an Apple computer and the Adobe design software.

Everything i make will be shown here at the blog. Well almost everything, cause i don’t have permission(s) from several clients for showing them in my portfolio. The latest submissions will be shown under the tab ‘new items’. If you want to see all my previous submissions in the blog. All you have to do is use the Calender or the Portfolio archive for searching older submissions in the menu on the right. Enjoy!

I use a beautifull Mac Pro at my work situation. And at home i have an eMac (sold), and a MacBook. I love to use a Wacom pen tablet, cause it can sense the pressure and so you can really paint with it.
Photoshop and illustrator are my favorites, but i also use InDesign a lot for making brochures, flyers, newsletters and corporate designs like letterheads and bussiness cards. Photoshop is more the package for playing/blending with pictures. And i use Illustrator for making logo’s and illustrations.

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