Digital christmas card

5 04 2011

For Mainnovation we created a digital christmas card. The christmas card shows a tree on a square with it’s lights off, which you can turn on step-by-step by putting the cables in the wright cable socket. Each time you succeed the christmas tree will partly show it’s lights.

For this project I created the christmas tree on the square with Photoshop. At first we had a picture with the christmas tree shining brightly. My job was to create several instances of the tree with the lights being turned on gradually. A programmer then used these instances to create the animations in the final christmas card. Have a look at the video, to see how it looks like.

Bureau: Ogilvy Amsterdam


Highway to nowhere

23 09 2010

Shemya island.
It’s an idea which came up when i was surfing Google Earth and found a small island called Shemya or Simiya. The island is located southwest of Alaska and was used as a radar, surveillance, weather and aircraft refueling station. Have a look at it in Google maps.
The island has small roads leading and crawling around the island. And it has two airfields (I think). This is where my idea came to life, looking trough my computer screens glass exploring Shemya.

Typography roads.
Using Illustrator to create the base for my “Highway to nowhere” typography. Pulling it to Photoshop to create some depth. And using Google Maps for my source material. The island is based on the island Shemya but i altered it here and there to fit the typo. Grabbed a cruise ship passing the Caribbeans and plunged it near my island. Drilled some rocky coastlines from South America and the United Kingdom. Photoshopped the sandy beaches, tweaked the lighting and shadows, brushed the waves and fluffy cloudes surrounding the island. Grapped some cars from Google Maps and dropped them on the “Highway to nowhere”.

Up north

14 06 2010

For the blog ‘Blik op het Noorden‘, a blog about local marketing and inspiration from the dutch provinces Friesland, Groningen en Drenthe. I created a header image for their blog. The idea of using the cans for communication came from the main blogger Joost van Rooy.
Starting from illustrator using the 3D tools to create some cans, and finally I texturised and painted them with photoshop.

Fantasy and Photoshop

18 12 2008

Yep, i do have some fantasy. And i had some time, and i made this stunning visual with Photoshop. I can’t tell much about it, because i just made which i came up with. It’s just a floating island and some dragonfly’s with some extra moons on the background. Whats so special about that!


We need more employees!

18 12 2008

This is also a Photoshop montage, which i did for the same company as posted in the previous post. The company had some job openings, and needed an advertising where they could tell about these opportunities. So we (‘we’, as in the company which i worked for) came up with the idea of using their old VW beetle mascot, and the people of the company. To make a stunning visual with a heading such as…. “Hop on in”… or something like that.. To bad it never made the newspapers, cause they already found their new colleges with the use of internet… But still i liked the way i did it with Photoshop, so i’m still showing you…


45 year old and still insured.

18 12 2008

This one was done for a company which was celebrating their 45 anniversary and wanted to have a special visual for their newsletter. The company insures large car parks, and that’s where i came up with the idea of making a large car park. With the cars being placed in the shape of the number 45, all done within Adobe Photoshop. And this is how the visual is become….


Imagination creates reality

15 08 2008

George Parker the stand-up magician and a business speaker. A mysterious and inspirational man, who has traveled over the world with his shows entertaining people. From Las Vegas to Capetown, from Berlin to Havanna and Geneva to Amsterdam. But sometimes he needs a little help from his fellow magicians…
Thats where i came to the rescue in this story and made a visual for him.
At the bottom of this article you can see the original picture and the large one that is [ poof ] transformed into a masterpiece…..

George Parker modified image

Original picture is from photographer Paul Lagro