Luna, bella Luna

22 06 2010

It’s been 235 days or 7 months and 23 days ago since my little girl named Luna is born. She’s my little beauty, and it’s really amazing how fast she grows and learns. Sometimes i have the chance or question to make a birth announcement for somebody’s special day. And since this i my little kiddo, i wanted to make a birth announcement that stands out from the crowd.
My girlfriend liked the traditional announcements, but that wasn’t enough for me. So i asked her what she really wanted and that was that her picture (of Luna of course) was shown in the card and that it was girly of some kind.

So i started thinking, and came up with the idea of making a purse with little handles and a special branding on it made from stitches and a little metal plate with her birth date on it.


A new born baby…

8 12 2008

Friends of mine, had a baby. And i had the privilege to make the card for their new born boy, Jerrely. I normally don’t want to make birthday cards or wedding invitations. Because people never have an idea of what they want. And when you give them a proposition in the form of a almost ready design. They suddenly do know what they want. So you did all your work for nothing. So thats why i don’t want to make these things. And it was the same for this card, but again, i couldn’t say no. And the difference this time was that they where instantly in love with the design i made for them.

Now that he is born, i can finaly show you the result…