The Dark side

25 05 2011


Logo designs – part two

18 12 2008

Again i can make several posts of logos i created, but why shouldn’t I paste them as much as i can in one post. This is part two of logos i created and sketched. Some of them never became reality and some are just sketches. But most of these are really created and became the logos for several company’s…


the Ford GT illustrated

18 12 2008

I decided to spend some time to my blog, now that i have the time. And i found some work i did a few years ago, which i also wanted to show to you.
This is a Illustrator piece which i did just because i liked the car,… …..the Ford GT. I did this also because i wanted to know more about the ‘mesh’ tool within Illustrator. And those lightning effects on the car are the perfect study to begin playing with the ‘mesh’ tool. And for a starter i think i did quite a well job. Oh and i never finished the car. It just misses the details which it really needs…. But maybe in the near future when i have the time…

A tasty holiday header

8 12 2008

This header is made for a traveling agency. I made it in illustrator and after i finished it, i brought it to life with Macromedia Adobe Flash…
I can tell a lot about it, but i think it is better if you would just have a look at the website itself (which i also made the first design for).
The image shows so many little moving details, but because it is a header for a website. I didn’t wanted it to be annoying when your looking for a holiday.

Just have a look at

Header voor