404 sponsoring

26 10 2010

A friend and ex-colleague of mine started a new initiative, using 404-error pages as a sponsoring page for charity organizations like WWF, Bart Foundation, War Child, de Nierstichting (kidney foundation), Unicef and so on. Normally you encounter an 404-error page when you get to a url that doesn’t excist anymore. Most of the time it’s the standard error page. But you can give it the look and feel of your own corporate identity. Most of the websites forget about 404-error pages and so you still get to the standard 404-error page. The initiative is simple, ask company’s to use their 404-error page for the good cause. Company’s can choose which initiative they want to sponsor by sponsoring their 404-page. For example i made a 404-error page for the Dutch Heart foundation (de Nederlandse Hartstichting) which uses their charity for research on heart diseases and abnormity’s. Every website in the world can use their un-designed 404-error page and replace them for my designed 404-error page. So they sponsor with their 404-page by sponsoring it to charity organizations. It’s simple….

Below you can find the 404-error page i created for the Dutch Heart foundation. For more 404-error page designs and the initiative itself have a look at www.404sponsoring.info i have to say that the website is in dutch.