Farewell gift

14 06 2010

For every occasion within my company we make special gifts. Think of gifts for marrying, farewell, birth giving or birthday having colleagues. This time it was a colleague leaving our company who was going to work with a friend of his up north in the Netherlands (Friesland). And since his function was a strategist I decided to make a remake of the game ‘Strateego’. The ‘Up north edition’ with a foamboard gaming board, and pawns. I used his picture with a painting of Napoleon on the front cover of the box and a painting of a soldier and his head on the manual of the game.
For the game board I used a satellite image of the province Friesland.

Here you can see a 3D mock-up of the game pack and the manual because i forgot to make a picture of the gift in the end.


Up north

14 06 2010

For the blog ‘Blik op het Noorden‘, a blog about local marketing and inspiration from the dutch provinces Friesland, Groningen en Drenthe. I created a header image for their blog. The idea of using the cans for communication came from the main blogger Joost van Rooy.
Starting from illustrator using the 3D tools to create some cans, and finally I texturised and painted them with photoshop.