Up north

14 06 2010

For the blog ‘Blik op het Noorden‘, a blog about local marketing and inspiration from the dutch provinces Friesland, Groningen en Drenthe. I created a header image for their blog. The idea of using the cans for communication came from the main blogger Joost van Rooy.
Starting from illustrator using the 3D tools to create some cans, and finally I texturised and painted them with photoshop.


Rock on!

14 06 2010

Spilled Milk, a cover band from the Netherlands where a colleague of mine plays the guitar. Asked me to create album artwork for their promo cd. I came up with the idea of using milk typography i saw earlier on the blog of abduzeedo where they made typography of pouring milk and the word ‘milk’. I didn’t want to use their already photoshopped word ‘milk’ so i decided to start from scratch.

When you open up the jewelcase you see a glass of milk that wasn’t originally green and didn’t had milk in it but some coffee. So i also had some photoshop work there to create the glass of milk. Within the 4-paged booklet, the band has a little word about themselves and on the last page of the booklet and on the back of the jewelcase you can see the tracklist of the demo-cd.

Public library Hoorn

26 10 2009

For the public library in Hoorn, i created a new corporate identity. They wanted to be more youthfull, to attract more people to the library. But they didn’t wanted to loose there current customers/members.
They also wanted to show that they aren’t the library like all the others.., old and far from modern. So i created a logo with symbols in it, which will show that they are more than only a library with some old and dusty books in it. This library will lend you everything from books, CD’s, DVD’s (music and audio), listening books, eBooks, games. But they also have seminars, readings, and interviews, game-days and informational evenings. And of course an internet corner for all you’re interactive media.
So when you’re young or old, the public library in Hoorn has everything you are looking for or need….


Kawasaki er-6n competition

15 06 2009

Kawasaki Benelux held a competition to win a Kawasaki er-6n. A bike i’m already driving, but i couldn’t resist to take part of this competition to win a specialy (exclusive) painted Kawasaki er-6n. I already had in mind, that i would sell my Kawa if i won this one. Well i didn’t won the competition and i am still driving my beloved Kawa. But still i liked the idea that i could ride a specialy painted one.

Kawasaki made an online tool, where you could choose several designed patterns to put on the bodywork. Or you could paint the bike with several sorts of paint, from metallic to candy to matte. So you couldn’t really design the bike to your own needs. But still the designs send in by the participants rocked. Just have a look at my design below.


Traveling agency for Egypt

30 05 2009


This is a logo i designed for a friend of mine. He has an Egyptian traveling agency with his dad. And he wanted something new. He didn’t had a clue in which direction the logo and it’s style had to go. So i made a few sketches for him so he could choose. And so that he can get an idea of what directions he could go to with his new logo and identity. To bad he chose a logo i didn’t designed at all. But still… i’m happy with the logo i proposed.

Illustrator: 2 to 3 hours

A house with a wax seal

11 04 2009

For a new to build housing complex in Amsterdam-Osdorp. We (my former employee) needed to create a brand to sell to people interested in buying a house in Osdorp. We simply decided to use the names of the surounding streets for the name of the complex. These streets where the Bart Poesiatstraat and the Domela Nieuwenhuisstraat. We did this simply because of the fact that the whole neighbourhood was simply renewing. And we wanted to let people now where the complex was (as a reminder) simply by the name. Of course you needed to know the existence of the project to know that the name of it, is corresponding to the surrounding streets in Amsterdam-Osdorp.

Many streets in the Netherlands are named after famous people. And these two streets are named after two politicians that lived in the beginning of 1900, Bart Poesiat and Domela Nieuwenhuis.

I created the logo in illustrated and reminds me a lot of the DE brand (a dutch coffee brand), which i didn’t had in mind when i created this. It took me a few hours to get here. Because it was difficult to create the depth in this very dynamic shape.