The Dark side

25 05 2011


Digital christmas card

5 04 2011

For Mainnovation we created a digital christmas card. The christmas card shows a tree on a square with it’s lights off, which you can turn on step-by-step by putting the cables in the wright cable socket. Each time you succeed the christmas tree will partly show it’s lights.

For this project I created the christmas tree on the square with Photoshop. At first we had a picture with the christmas tree shining brightly. My job was to create several instances of the tree with the lights being turned on gradually. A programmer then used these instances to create the animations in the final christmas card. Have a look at the video, to see how it looks like.

Bureau: Ogilvy Amsterdam

404 sponsoring

26 10 2010

A friend and ex-colleague of mine started a new initiative, using 404-error pages as a sponsoring page for charity organizations like WWF, Bart Foundation, War Child, de Nierstichting (kidney foundation), Unicef and so on. Normally you encounter an 404-error page when you get to a url that doesn’t excist anymore. Most of the time it’s the standard error page. But you can give it the look and feel of your own corporate identity. Most of the websites forget about 404-error pages and so you still get to the standard 404-error page. The initiative is simple, ask company’s to use their 404-error page for the good cause. Company’s can choose which initiative they want to sponsor by sponsoring their 404-page. For example i made a 404-error page for the Dutch Heart foundation (de Nederlandse Hartstichting) which uses their charity for research on heart diseases and abnormity’s. Every website in the world can use their un-designed 404-error page and replace them for my designed 404-error page. So they sponsor with their 404-page by sponsoring it to charity organizations. It’s simple….

Below you can find the 404-error page i created for the Dutch Heart foundation. For more 404-error page designs and the initiative itself have a look at i have to say that the website is in dutch.

Images say more than words

26 10 2010

That’s what i did when i created this A3-paper sized fashion brochure for Kraan Mode. A womens fashion boutique situated in Aalsmeer and IJmuiden.

I got this project from someone else who didn’t had the time to finish it, because of some personal reasons. I only had a weekend to create this brochure of eight pages. The preparation of the client was good, so i knew which products and texts had to be placed on which page. And all the images where brilliant, they where all good enough to be used as 300 dpi on A3 or even bigger. Not to mention that the images where all photographed by professionals working for the shown brands.


The printing office needed five workdays before finishing it and sending it to the post-office. They also needed five workdays preparation before spreading it in the regions of Aalsmeer and IJmuiden in time. So briefly i had to be quick.

Cover Kraan Mode brochure

After the break, you’ll find the rest of the spreads. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Highway to nowhere

23 09 2010

Shemya island.
It’s an idea which came up when i was surfing Google Earth and found a small island called Shemya or Simiya. The island is located southwest of Alaska and was used as a radar, surveillance, weather and aircraft refueling station. Have a look at it in Google maps.
The island has small roads leading and crawling around the island. And it has two airfields (I think). This is where my idea came to life, looking trough my computer screens glass exploring Shemya.

Typography roads.
Using Illustrator to create the base for my “Highway to nowhere” typography. Pulling it to Photoshop to create some depth. And using Google Maps for my source material. The island is based on the island Shemya but i altered it here and there to fit the typo. Grabbed a cruise ship passing the Caribbeans and plunged it near my island. Drilled some rocky coastlines from South America and the United Kingdom. Photoshopped the sandy beaches, tweaked the lighting and shadows, brushed the waves and fluffy cloudes surrounding the island. Grapped some cars from Google Maps and dropped them on the “Highway to nowhere”.

Luna, bella Luna

22 06 2010

It’s been 235 days or 7 months and 23 days ago since my little girl named Luna is born. She’s my little beauty, and it’s really amazing how fast she grows and learns. Sometimes i have the chance or question to make a birth announcement for somebody’s special day. And since this i my little kiddo, i wanted to make a birth announcement that stands out from the crowd.
My girlfriend liked the traditional announcements, but that wasn’t enough for me. So i asked her what she really wanted and that was that her picture (of Luna of course) was shown in the card and that it was girly of some kind.

So i started thinking, and came up with the idea of making a purse with little handles and a special branding on it made from stitches and a little metal plate with her birth date on it.

Farewell gift

14 06 2010

For every occasion within my company we make special gifts. Think of gifts for marrying, farewell, birth giving or birthday having colleagues. This time it was a colleague leaving our company who was going to work with a friend of his up north in the Netherlands (Friesland). And since his function was a strategist I decided to make a remake of the game ‘Strateego’. The ‘Up north edition’ with a foamboard gaming board, and pawns. I used his picture with a painting of Napoleon on the front cover of the box and a painting of a soldier and his head on the manual of the game.
For the game board I used a satellite image of the province Friesland.

Here you can see a 3D mock-up of the game pack and the manual because i forgot to make a picture of the gift in the end.