Public library Hoorn

26 10 2009

For the public library in Hoorn, i created a new corporate identity. They wanted to be more youthfull, to attract more people to the library. But they didn’t wanted to loose there current customers/members.
They also wanted to show that they aren’t the library like all the others.., old and far from modern. So i created a logo with symbols in it, which will show that they are more than only a library with some old and dusty books in it. This library will lend you everything from books, CD’s, DVD’s (music and audio), listening books, eBooks, games. But they also have seminars, readings, and interviews, game-days and informational evenings. And of course an internet corner for all you’re interactive media.
So when you’re young or old, the public library in Hoorn has everything you are looking for or need….





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