A house with a wax seal

11 04 2009

For a new to build housing complex in Amsterdam-Osdorp. We (my former employee) needed to create a brand to sell to people interested in buying a house in Osdorp. We simply decided to use the names of the surounding streets for the name of the complex. These streets where the Bart Poesiatstraat and the Domela Nieuwenhuisstraat. We did this simply because of the fact that the whole neighbourhood was simply renewing. And we wanted to let people now where the complex was (as a reminder) simply by the name. Of course you needed to know the existence of the project to know that the name of it, is corresponding to the surrounding streets in Amsterdam-Osdorp.

Many streets in the Netherlands are named after famous people. And these two streets are named after two politicians that lived in the beginning of 1900, Bart Poesiat and Domela Nieuwenhuis.

I created the logo in illustrated and reminds me a lot of the DE brand (a dutch coffee brand), which i didn’t had in mind when i created this. It took me a few hours to get here. Because it was difficult to create the depth in this very dynamic shape.





One response

17 04 2009
Bart Poesiat

Hello there,
My name is Bart Poesiat
I live in Toronto, Canada, but currently traveling in S.E Asia.
I work as an anti-poverty activist in Parkdale, Toronto (See Google).
I ran across this A’dam-Oostdorp complex by coincidence.
It sure is nice to know that streets in Holland are carrying my name …
I remember from early youth when family members would discuss “Ouwe Bart Poesiat”
with pride at family gatherings (in Holland).
That was 60 years ago …I am now 68.
Well tot ziens maar hoor en hout er de moet maar in,
Bart Poesiat

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