Eek & Eik on recycling

25 09 2007

This is a vector drawing made in illustrator. These characters are called Eek (the squirrel) and Eik (the tree). And they where the main characters that would educate children on primary schools, about how paper is being recycled, and what it would be used for. In the illustration below, you can see their emotional state.

Eek & Eik

Hopefully it doesn’t need explaining, but from the left to the right they are: sad, happy, being scared and angry. To bad they never made the final stage, and aren’t used for the schoolbooks.

But i’m still proud of my little friends, and thats why i’m showing you them. And maybe in the future they still could be usefull for some kind of project. Wow now i sound like Bob Ross….

These are some sketches of Eek’s facial expressions.

Facial expressions of Eek




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